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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Tower: The Documentary

I remember when word came in. I was home from school for the summer, doing full-time manual labor at my family’s small weekly newspaper in Central Louisiana. We were home for an afternoon meal when the heavy old black telephone receiver rang in the kitchen. Maybe I sensed something and instinctively knew it wasn’t one […]

FOUND: “You feel like you are touching someone’s purest self” | Salon

The magic of FOUND, now in podcast form: “You feel like you are touching someone’s purest self.” To anyone who has somehow avoided the FOUND experience, the podcast — produced by Wondery, Killer Films Media, and “FOUND: The Musical” — is a good place to jump in… Salon speaks to FOUND founder Davy Rothbart about his new show based on random and […]

SUPERMARKET’s Kickstarter Campaign

SUPERMARKET, a short film by Rhonda Mitrani, is a playful story about what women confront the moment they realize they’re pregnant: a complex economic system engineered to capitalize on birth and toddlerhood — all of which makes it shockingly easy to forget the simple miracle of creating a life.  This film invites you to go on a journey through a rabbit […]

‘Enemies Within’ Optioned By Killer Content For ‘Tower’s’ Keith Maitland To Helm | Deadline

[Excerpt] Enemies Within, the book that takes a critical look at U.S. counterterrorism and intelligence operations post-9/11, was optioned by Killer Content for Keith Maitland(Tower) to direct. The book, written by Pulitzer-winning journalists Matt Apuzzo and Adam Goldman, examines the problems, lack of communication and failure between counterterrorism departments as law enforcement races to stop a terrorist from harming Americans. […]

FOUND Podcast Begins | The Guardian

[Excerpt] The author and film-maker Davy Rothbart started collecting artifacts back in 2000, releasing the first issue of FOUND magazine in 2001, finding a new appreciative audience for the world’s written detritus, from lost love letters to scraps of homework to misplaced to-do lists and mysterious photographs. Now, several years, books and one off-Broadway musical into the […]